Thursday, 3 July 2014

Importance of GRE AWA in GRE Exam

AWA in GRE basically stands for Analytical Writing Assessment which is one of the 3 sections that you face in GRE Exam along with GRE Quant and GRE Verbal. The sole purpose of AWA is to measure the analytical writing & critical thinking behavior of the test taker at that particular moment. What AWA expects from you is to write and express complex situations/ideas in a well articulated fashion for that given question. To improve this you can get tons of GRE awa topics online.

In AWA, you will have one question related to ISSUE and one question related to ARGUMENT. Now the next thing that will come to your mind would be what exactly is this ISSUE and ARGUMENT? 

Well to discuss in brief, an ISSUE task presents a view on an issue of general interest. On the contrary, ARGUMENT in AWA expects you to evaluate the genuinely for the correctness of the logic assumed in the question.

Both of these questions are purely subjective in nature and are totally dependent on the examiners psychology and greater understanding of your answer. So it’s highly advised that rather than writing in a fancy manner, it’s better to concentrate more on the message when it comes to AWA but in GRE verbal it’s just the opposite. In AWA you are graded on a scale of 0-6 where 6 is considered to be good.

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